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Student Tips for Educators

Former Gunn student gives Educators suggestions for Fighting Racism in Palo Alto.

PA Youth Art Protest Work Removed by City

PA Youth Art Protest Work removed by City

Gina Sudaria Makes Ravenswood a Place Worthy of Our Kids

Gina Sudaria, Superintendent of Ravenswood City School District describes her goals and barriers.

Anne Campbell Envisions Closing the Opportunity Gap

Anne Campbell describes her experiences with the Tinsley Program and her ideas for closing the Opportunity Gap in the Mid-Peninsula.

Dr Crocker Suggests Open Enrollment

Dr Julian Crocker, PAUSD Superintendent during the Tinsley Settlement, suggests Open Enrollment can further equity.

Our Segregated Schools

There is no law creating segregation by race in our public schools. Yet, there is a settlement in effect since 1986 requiring desegregation of these schools.